Trump's survival is now on the Senate

According to BBC Online, President Trump was criticized by a Democrat-controlled House of Representatives yesterday. He has been charged with two abuses of power and obstructing the work of the Congress.

There was a clear party split in the House of Representatives. All members of the Democrats voted against the indictment, and all Republican members voted against the indictment. Although Democrats dominate the House of Representatives, the majority of Republicans in the Senate. The dispute between the two parties lasted for six hours over two indictment allegations against Trump.

At the time of this vote, Trump was running his election campaign in Michigan for the 2014 presidential election. He said at the election rally in Battle Creek, Michigan, "While we are creating job opportunities and fighting for Michigan, extremists in Congress are full of violence, hatred and outrage. You see what's going on. '

After the congressional vote, the White House said in a statement that the president was confident he would be completely innocent by a Senate vote.

Earlier in the history of the United States, two more presidents were impeached in the House of Representatives. They are Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. However, they were not found guilty in the Senate.
Trump has been charged with two counts of impeachment. One is to refuse to cooperate in the prosecution investigation process, to restrain his staff from testifying and to disrupt the work of Congress by tampering with evidence. The other is to call on the president of Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption in a Ukrainian gas company against Democratic candidate Joe Biden and his son in the 2014 presidential election.

With the Republican Party dominated by the Senate, Trump is unlikely to be found guilty. Last week, Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republican senators would be fully co-ordinated with the presidential team when voting in the Senate. Reacting to the incident, Democrats said senators were obliged to serve as neutral jurors.

The debate began yesterday with the speech of Democrat Nancy Pelosi in the House of Representatives. He said, "Americans have fought and died for hundreds of years to protect democracy for the people. But, sadly, the White House's actions threaten the republican philosophy of our founding ancestors. "He said," If we don't play a role now, Then we may deviate from our duties. It is a pity that the impeachment has become urgent in the reckless actions of the president. He has no other choice for us.

In the debate, Doug Collins, the top Republican leader of the Judiciary Committee on the House of Representatives, accused Democrats of conducting illegal investigations. He said the action was taken on the basis of assumptions.

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