Why Adsense Ban? watch it otherwise you will miss it

How come TechTunes friends. Hope everyone is well. But I'm not much better because today my AdSense account is banned. About this time I played the ban 3 times. But I'm not giving up hope. I will succeed with Adsense ...... So today I have to write what is the reason for Adsense account ban.

From my real experience, I wrote this tune and apologize for the mistake. Now, hopefully, in the blogging world, Adsense is the easiest way to generate income.In our country, even if we get Adsense again, we do not get the results from Adsense due to some mistakes.

See why banners are Adsense. Putting an Adsense add to a new website or blog is a possibility. Clicking on your own add-on adsense account will be banned. Adsense account can be banned if you do not add SEO to work. Adsense account can be banned while seoing on various social websites. Through the refaral link more visitors can actually be banned adsense account. Putting more than 1 add on a page can cause an account ban.Using copy paste content will ban the adsense account.If you post pornografi or sexul content, you will ban.Brothers, if you find the post useful, my writing will be worthwhile. Definitely comment me

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