About 20 million Facebook users have leaked information.

 Facebook has once again leaked important and touching information to its users. Now this number is 25 million 5 million! Such is the claim of Comparitech, a UK research institute. This has already been confirmed.

These Facebook user IDs, phone numbers, names and other sensitive information have been leaked. Information technology experts fear that the leaked information could be used for fraudulent acts such as spamming and phishing. The facts were kept in the form of a database online.

According to data from Comparitech, a UK research firm, security expert Bob Dyachenko recently found a database of leaked information from Facebook. The database is indexed online on December 5th. However, the database has now been removed.

A Facebook spokesperson told the news agency AFP that such information may have been collected prior to security changes to protect personal information. The matter is being investigated.

Last September, the mobile number with millions of Facebook accounts was found in an online database. The database contained personal information, names, identities and other sensitive information.

Upgrade security researchers found 5 million Facebook user comments, likes and other information on Amazon's cloud server last April.

Earlier, the UK's political consulting firm Cambridge Analytica was accused of collecting more than 5 million users' information from Facebook, later known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Technology experts say that recent data leaks have raised questions about the security measures Facebook has taken. In addition, users have been worried about what information they will provide on Facebook. This leaked personal information can be used for fraudulent acts such as spamming and phishing.

Experts advise that you do not use the same password in all accounts on online platforms including Facebook. Regularly update passwords for online privacy protection. Password management may seem like a problem for many, but if it becomes a practice, the account will be protected in the event of information leaks.

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