If Trump attacks Iran, it will be war crime: Human Rights Watch.

Many US politicians and international human rights organizations have likened President Trump to the war in Iran's cultural setting, which may also be the target of attacks.

President Trump first made this threat last Saturday. He said that Iran had selected 12 of Iran's targets to respond to the attacks on Iran, including many cultural structures.

President Trump has threatened Iran after announcing severe revenge for the assassination of his top general, Qasim Soleimani.

Repeatedly threatened on Sunday, President Trump tried to argue for him. "If they kill US citizens, torture them, bomb them on the side of the road, then why can't we attack their cultural establishment?"

Trump is outraged in his own country after comments that threaten Iran. Democrat leaders have been critical of his criticism. They claim that the threat of attacks on Iranian cultural sites, including women, children, and the killing of innocent people in that country, has led to the war, which has led to war crimes. His behavior as a US president is unpleasant.

Human Rights Watch, a US-based international human rights organization, has directly compared it to war crimes. They said in a statement that if President Trump did so, that would be a war crime.

President Trump has threatened to attack Iran's cultural infrastructure

Referring to Article 4 of the Geneva Convention on War, Human Rights Watch says that attacks on any kind of cultural establishment are absolutely forbidden.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, an important Democrat in the United States, who is seeking the presidential nomination, also remarks that President Trump is actually threatening war crimes.

Elizabeth Warren also wrote on Twitter to Trump about social media, saying that Trump is threatening to commit war crimes. Iran has no war with the United States. Americans do not want to go to war. The United States is a democratic country. That way a president can't start a war. He could endanger US forces and diplomats in the country.

And the hardest response comes from Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif. He likened President Trump's threat to the Islamic State's attempt to destroy the cultural establishment in the Middle East.

He says, "Where are the barbarians that have come to ruin Iran's cities for thousands of years, destroyed civilization, burned libraries, where are they now? The Iranians still stand strong."

Democrats try to stop the war

Democrats have feared that President Trump may scare the United States into waging war without Iran's consent.

Almost all of the leaders who are hoping for a party nomination in the presidential election have strongly criticized President Trump's reckless Iran policy.

Joe Biden says General Soleimani, no matter how bad he is, must remember that he is a senior official in the Iranian government, and that killing him is threatening retaliation against the United States.

Senator Chak Shumar said the threat posed by the United States could be engulfed in a long-term war in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the Democrats' most powerful leader, Congressman Nancy Pelosi, has said he will bring a proposal to the House of Representatives to limit President Trump's ability to take military action against Iran. The goal will be to ensure that any military action against Iran does not last longer than 5 days.

On the other hand, two Democrat members of Congress have announced that they will not unilaterally declare war against Iran.

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