The conditions that must be met in order to receive AdSense Approval.

Many times I hear, Google Adsense account from Bangladesh, or Google Adsense application can not be applied before 6 months. These words are just fabrication and misinterpretation, there is no such thing in Google's current policy.Our country find that they apply without fulfilling the AdSense Terms. Many people copy content from another site, paste it on the blog, or write about pirate something (such as games download, movie download) or write about some others copy, then apply it to AdSense. And that's why their adsense never disappears. And that's when they think of AdSense gold deer. But AdSense is not a gold deer. If you comply with the terms of AdSense then apply if everything is ok then your adsense will be available within 3-5 days of application. Remember, your site must be of good quality and information rich.

1. Content Type:
Before applying to AdSense, always keep in mind what kind of content you are publishing. Of course, the content should be copyless, copy free or pirate. It is not possible to get an AdSense account at any time because Adsense Original does not want to do an ad show on a site without content. We write content for the user who is always search engine friendly. There are some other things you need to be careful of so that you do not use the copyrighted images on the site, it is against their policies. Also refrain from publishing articles on pornography, hacking-cracking, gambling or anything else that is illegal. The usual rule is to write blog content then it is possible to get fast approvals.

3. Quality Resource Content:
You are writing on the web, to certify the user. Do you agree? Of course the writing must be informative and accurate. Your content will be of quality when you create a well-resourced resource for the user to consider. Users will not enjoy reading, content that they do not need will be helpful to create a good situation. The critical source of lingua application for Adsense is quality resource content, so first of all you have to look into this.

4. Site Design and Navigation:
The design of the site is very important. The design of your site demonstrates your expertise so design your site in a way that doesn't feel like the site is new and still under work. Google does not approve AdSense for under construction site. 3% of sites designed with rough colors and extra colorful backgrounds do not get Approval, so be careful in these cases. Also the navigation level of the site has to be easy and the site page and link structure must also be standard. Remember, if there is a banner with bizarre color, remove it now, then apply.

5. Create some important pages:
A) Privacy Policy Page: This is a very common mistake that everyone makes. Google places great importance on a site's privacy policy. Privacy Policy Basically discusses what your site visitors and readers should and should not do, what they will find on your blog, and how you use your blog. That's why it's important to have a Privacy Policy page in general. If you can create your own privacy policy page, read the privacy policy page of some sites to understand what or how to write it.

B) About Us Page: About Us page is also very important to get AdSense Approval on your site. If you do not create this page and apply for AdSense, then your chances of getting AdSense are very low. The About Us page basically talks about you or your site.The site is started, who oversees the site and discusses what the site is about is a key component of the About Us page. This is why you must create an About Us page before applying for AdSense. Visit some sites, read their About this page and start writing.

C) Contact Us Page:Basically about us page, allows your visitors and readers to contact you. Your readers receive your help through the Contact Us page, which means you care about your visitors and readers who like AdSense.create a Contact Us page must .
6. Other ad networks:
This is a very important issue. Adsense and clicker cannot be used together, because clicker contextual ad, which is against adsense terms. The seam of the Yahoo deal. Therefore, to apply to AdSense you must remove these types of ads from the site. As far as experience goes, it seems like the ban on AdSense or banner clicker adsense. And be careful when using Adbrite and Bidvertizer. If there are affiliate links, they should be careful about that, I think it will be an applied batter with just links to stay free of charge before applying.

7. Top level domain:
At the end of the day to get adsense with blogspot . com. I'm not saying they will not approve, but there was a time when it might be easier to get adsense through subdomains. But now you have to change this policy because now sub-domains / blogs are almost spammy.Those who have been dreaming of getting Adsense through BlogSpot or subdomain, buy a top level domain right now.  

8. Some more important things:
• There is no definite answer to the minimum number of posts to apply for AdSense. But from experience, I would say that you should take 20-20 original content and those words which do not think too much about the word limit, so that the user can get the full wh question of the subject from that article, so write as much as you can. But keep in mind that the minimum is not below 20-5 wards.
• Let the age of the site grow, open the site today and write at 8 / 12am and get away with the idea that you will get an approval. Because it is not foolish to expect good results from an immature site, as it is not expected from a mature mother. Edge of the site often serves as a major factor.
• When writing posts Topics Relative fairly good sepsis and High Competitive (according to Edward) Keyword will write the post, so that Google will be very interested to place ads on your site, and quickly get AdSense approvals.
Before applying to Google Adsense, all the posts must be taken into account so that the search engine is indexed. Posts need to be shared regularly on social media (especially Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Stumble, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and bookmark sites. The traffic on the site will increase day by day.
• Posting stuff can not be used by using additional keywords. Except the primary keyword for a targeted page, target the remaining 4 (Max) secondary keywords. In the current context, meta keywords will not work without thinking.
• Different keywords like sem intension cannot be targeted by frames (like good antivirus and best antivirus are sem intents in many cases.
• Google ad will not be interested in the site where there is no visitor, the big thing is, get the site visitor then apply.
Implement the topics discussed above and then apply for AdSense. If everything looks okay then it's only a matter of time before you get your AdSense Approval!

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