What exactly is Donald Trump's strategy on Iran?

 US President Donald Trump's directive to strike a drone to kill Iran's most powerful military commander has intensified tensions between the two countries.

Iran's second-most powerful General Suleimani was killed in the attack.

What strategy worked here? What can happen next?

Donald Trump's long-promised commitment to withdraw US troops from the Middle East.

But in his time, US relations with Iran have become more tense as he withdraws from the nuclear deal with Iran and imposes further sanctions on Iran.

Here are three international policy analysts explaining what might be behind the decision, and what does it mean for US-Iran relations?

Trump is no big strategist

Former US Assistant Secretary of State and Redline: American Foreign Policy NA Author of the Time Fractured Politics and Feeling State book by PJ Crowley

Why attack now?

We have been attacked by Iranian-backed militias, and in response to this, they have been attacked in their respective areas of Iraq and Syria.

The attack on the US embassy in Baghdad in Iraq shocked the Trump administration, which they saw as provocative and believed that Soleimani was behind it.

So the president has approved the attack, finding him as a target.

What is Donald Trump's strategy?

Donald Trump is not a particularly tactical person. He should believe in the moment and be driven by his feelings. I wonder if he has any thoughts on what might happen after the whole incident.

Opposition to him is perhaps the chance to remove a 'bad guy' that Barack Obama did not get. That was probably what he needed to hear to make his decision.

What can happen next?

Iran has promised to respond to the attack. For Iran, many will look for a source of attack throughout the region. They understand American politics well and Mr. The US economy is the key to Trump's re-election. If they have a chance to ruin it, they will.

According to the theory, Donald Trump wants to pressure Iran to sit at the negotiating table for a 'good deal'. Once they arrive in Iran, they will have to abandon their nuclear program, as well as missile programs and regional influence.

It remains to be seen whether the move triggers discussion.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said praise for the United States across the region will begin soon.

That may be true in Jerusalem and Riyadh. But the rest of the countries in the region are waiting to see where things go.

What will happen to Trump's promise to withdraw troops from the Middle East?

From the very beginning, Mr Trump has not tried to resolve the contradiction in Donald Trump's tactics with Iran.

He wants to put the maximum pressure on Iran, as well as withdraw US troops from the Middle East.

When President Trump is constantly criticizing the war in the Middle East, he says that there is nothing to gain from the United States, and he is taking steps that could lead to Iran's war with the United States into a full-fledged war on political and economic boundaries.

Sticks and carrots

William Tobey is a Senior Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School's Balfour Center for Science and International Affairs and a former Deputy Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration.

Why attack now?

Now, with the attack, the United States is trying to put maximum pressure on Iran.

Tehran has chosen a path from economic tensions to military tensions. First they attacked the oil tankers and installations, then on the contractors.

It can also be seen that forcing Tehran to quell tensions, sending the message: "Look, these things will not do you any good."

What exactly is Donald Trump's strategy?

He actually chose a complex policy.
Putting a lot of pressure on Iran, so that no road is open except for talks in front of the country and agreeing to an agreement. Never again to put too much pressure on Iran to make it seem as though the United States was actually imposing a deal on them.

The issue can be seen in this way, the United States is showing their stick through the attacks on Soleimani. Again, Iran is being shown greed for carrots, saying, "Look, we don't want war with Iran."

What can happen next?

Iran has been seen to fight inflation and the country has also reduced its currency.

After losing economic sanctions, Iran has decided to take military action.

Earlier it was also shown that Tehran has taken a very large risk. I suspect that they will be more inclined to take that risk.

Now the issue is, which of these ends before, the US's ability to pressure or Tehran's ability to counter it?

Hundreds of US troops arrived in Kuwait. Thousands of troops have been deployed throughout the region

Trump has stuck himself in one corner

Luke Coffey, Director of the Heritage Foundation's Allison Center for Foreign Policy. A special envoy to the U.S. Army Veteran and the UK Department of Defense

Why attack now

I think every person has a limit.

If you look at the actions of Iran in the past year, you will find that they have somehow tried to outwit the United States.

Donald Trump, a non-combatant in the military offensive, has tried to avoid the situation. My suspicion is that it has been attacked in the past and he has rejected it. He finally decided this week, enough has been done.

He has always said that he wants to hold a dialogue with Iran, where there will be no conditions for talks.

Donald Trump has reached a point where he has to step back a bit.

What is Donald Trump's strategy?

The main strategy is to put as much pressure on Iran as possible - about which the Trump administration is very successful.

Trump has said he wants to bring the Iranians to the negotiating table, and in my opinion, he is trying to do so through military action.
What is Donald Trump's strategy?

The main strategy is to put as much pressure on Iran as possible - about which the Trump administration is very successful.

Trump has said he wants to bring the Iranians to the negotiating table, and in my opinion, he is trying to do so through military action.

In my opinion, Donald Trump thinks of himself as a great negotiator and wants to play a major role in the deal. But he has become quite the cornerstone as Iran continues to push in their direction.

One morning no one wakes up and decides to kill Kashem Soleimani. There are many things involved in planning to kill him, find out his whereabouts, monitor him, find the right opportunities and so on.

We should not forget that Kashem Soleiman was a fighter who was on the battlefield. No doubt, if the Iranians were to find an American in a similar situation, they would do the same.

This is a tug of war in the Middle East. But I don't think that will ever make it into the Third World War.

What can happen next?

Iran will undoubtedly come to the negotiating table right now.

But there was no reason not to attack it. Frankly, this was supposed to happen in the case of Solimani.

He holds the blood of American soldiers in his hands, and for more than a decade, he has been terrorizing the Middle East. Just because Donald Trump wants talks with Iran does not mean that he will not remove Suleimani.

I don't think he did this with politics in mind. But politically, the attack has identified him as a more powerful leader among his supporters.

What will happen to his promise to move troops from the Middle East?

Donald Trump does not like US troops in Germany. So in this election year, he does not seem to be doing anything like sending troops to Iran.

But he also has to show that the United States has to digest a lot of push.

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