WhatsApp victim of hacking.

Government officials from at least 25 countries, including multiple American allies, were reported to have been victims of WhatsApp hacking. This information came out in WhatsApp's own search. According to a source involved in the search, hacking victims have many high-ranking officials from 25 countries across five continents.

Recent reports from cyber experts say the security of the world's most used messaging app has been cracked by the Israeli company 'NSO', known internationally as a 'cyber weapons dealer'. The hackers are targeted by people from certain professions like India's leaders, ministers, journalists, lawyers, social workers. Hackers are thought to be installing surveillance software on a certain person's mobile set using the 'voice calling' feature. As a result, the secret and personal information is being entrusted to foreign companies.

WhatsApp has filed a lawsuit on Wednesday over allegations of illegal surveillance against the NSO at the Israeli IT firm. WhatsApp said the NSO group had sent the malware virus to about 5 shows in 20 different countries. Their list also includes journalists, human rights activists, government officials, political and diplomatic figures. It was believed that the cyber attack may have political and diplomatic motives. Because the data says, from April 27 to May 5 - at least 5 customer's mobile information has been hacked in this short period. But technicians fear that the total number may be higher.

On April 7, a London-based human rights lawyer sent WhatsApp a picture of his phone hacking. However, it is not yet known who is involved in the hacking. However, it is reported that NSOs sold their software to government buyers.
It is reported that many of the victims of hacking are citizens of the United States, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mexico, Pakistan and India. Several Indian nationals have been complaining about it publicly in the past.

A WhatsApp spokeswoman said it was convinced by the nature of the attack, that the front-page software was developed by Israel's cyber security firm 'NSO Group' and 'Q Cyber ​​Technology.' Capable of landing Once installed on a specific mobile set, the software can steal a person's location, all of his or her personal and personal information. The feature of Pegasus is that they force the customer to click on the 'exploit link'. Once the link is clicked, the customer's mobile security armor breaks down like a house of cards. The hackers also come to confidential passwords in pictures, audio-video, location.

Earlier, the Israeli cyber hackers secretly broke into Apple's vulnerable security forces. The NSO is also accused of secretly providing 'cyber weapons' to various countries. Israel's cyber-hackers can destroy an enemy's entire infrastructure with this cyber weapon. Human rights organizations, including Amnesty, have been vigilant against their actions at various times. Many of the international weapons experts think the Israeli army is behind the group. A few years ago, they were very successful in destroying Iran's infrastructure by launching a cyber-attack with the 'Stuxnet' virus.

However, it is still unclear how the Israeli company is breaking down WhatsApp's security. However, hackers are thought to be breaking the barrier of security using WhatsApp's voice calling feature. Hackers are installing surveillance software by 'voice calling' on a particular mobile set. As a result, all confidential and personal information is being smuggled into the hackers from that particular mobile set.

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